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Aphelion round 2 (APH) Airdrop

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Token per Airdrop

About Aphelion

Aphelion is a P2P trading platform (DEX) built on the NEO blockchain that brings a wallet based peer-to-peer trading experience to cryptocurrency traders worldwide. The Aphelion solution allows users to trade cryptocurrency in a totally decentralized and trustless environment without any third party or central authority. All Aphelion initiated trades are done directly on-chain or cross-chain and directly between users with terms they set, accept and complete themselves. Aphelion is not a hosted exchange, it never holds or stores tokens and is totally open source, community-driven and most importantly: DECENTRALIZED. Aphelion is listed on CoinGecko.

Step-by-Step Guide Aphelion Airdrop

Visit the Medium Airdrop story and give 50 claps & Share it on Facebook, Twitter or Reddit.

Join Aphelion on RedditTwitter or Facebook after sharing. (Only 1 is required but more posts and shares are appreciated)

Join Aphelion on Telegram group.

Have an account on BitMart Exchange.

Join BitMart on Telegram Channel.

Send an email to Aphelion informing that you have completed these tasks. Email: [email protected]

10 random winners will be selected and contacted via email and their tasks will be verified before their share of the winnings are distributed.

Good luck and Happy Aphelion Earth Day!


  • Airdrop adalah layanan gratis untuk pencinta kriptocurrency.
  • Jangan pernah berikan private key ethereum pada token yang anda ikuti cukup alamat Ethereum saja.
  • Kami sudah melakukan penelitian semampu kami di balik airdrop kripto namun kami tidak bertanggung jawab atas kesalahan atau konsekuensi yang timbul dari penggunaan informasi yang terdapat pada

Lakukan penelitian anda sendiri sebelum bergabung dengan airdrop.

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